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My name is Nisha Rana. I am a student that is currently attending Queen Elizabeth Secondary. I live in Surrey, British Columbia. I am 16 years old and my favourite subject is English. One thing about me that might surprise others is that I like to do my best to help others in need. I realize that people are not as fortunate as we are and my goal is to help make a change in someones life. My strongest attribute is that I am eager and willing to add to my knowledge base and skills. I love to learn new information because it helps me have a better outlook on the world. In my free time, I like to read, play sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, or take my dogs out for a walk. If I could solve any global issues they would be poverty and education for development. Poverty is an ongoing conflict in the world and if I could I would definitely help as many people get back on their feet as much as I possibly could. Education for development is also one of the biggest global issues in the world that need to talked about. Some barriers that children in poverty face are having an untrained teacher, a lack of school materials, having no classroom, etc. If I could I would definitely help provide the missing resources these children need. Out of the three prongs of the Butterfly Effect, I am leaning towards action. Personally, I like to see changes take place rather than them just being talked about. For myself, I would like to be as involved as I can be because I am determined to make a difference in this world!

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  1. Hi Nisha,

    Welcome to Butterfly🦋 effects!

    I admire your determination of making a difference in the world of education because nowadays it is indeed a big problem in certain countries.

    I hope we get the opportunity to make a difference through this platform 😊


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