Loise Naisula

My name is Loise Naisula and I am 19 years old. I school at Ndururumo high school. I live in Nanyuki-Kenya. My favourite subject is chemistry and mathematics. I am a Nilote from Maasai community. In my free time I always play basketball and handball. Am gifted at caligraphing. I value integrity and loyalty. My best music is hiphop and gospel. I joined butterfly edublogs through the pamoja scholarship. I am having al lot of expectation to excel in my education and to live a better life than I am live today. I am really striving so hard so as to achieve my goals so that I can come back to my community and help the needy. I would like to be a surgeon so that I can be able to handle some diseases that are really affecting people. I would also like to transform our community so that they can abandon archaic norm e.g female circumsion and embrace the good traits.

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